Friday, March 2, 2012

Wow, I haven't posted here for quite a while!

Things have just been too crazy busy.

So, I'm sitting in a college library (not my college, my husband's He's across from me working on an assignment.) avoiding doing my assignments.

Yes, my husband and I are both back in college.  Yes, some of our classmates aren't much older than our children.  Yes, we are having a blast!  We're having to work hard, but things come so much easier than they did right out of high school.  We're also more confident and less self-conscious.

Anyway, I'm avoiding my homework because I already finished and turned in one major assignment today.  I was up late last night and up early this morning in order to get it finished on time.  There's also this little thing called spring break that I was officially on as of about 12:00 pm today.  I have some major projects due right after spring break, so I will have to make this a working break.

Anyway, maybe I'll actually get to start posting on here more.  One of the things that was stopping me before was our internet connection at home.  Our home computer is a dinosaur that has dial-up, so it was not at all easy to get a post to go through. 

Have a blessed day!