Sunday, May 20, 2012


We have the following on our plates:

My husband is finishing his Spring quarter of college.  He was inducted into the community college  honor society this past Saturday.

The children are finishing up their final unit of their main homeschool curriculum.  I'm still going to push math and reading, probably clear through the summer.

I finished my Spring semester of college.  I did well.  I have one class to take over the summer, so I can stay on schedule to graduate in the Spring of 2014. I've been fighting poison ivy for a couple weeks now, but it seems to be healing now.  I spent the last two years avoiding it.  I got it doing some yard work in our back yard.  I have now gone back to being super careful (read anal) about not getting anything that might have come close to it close to me.  I really don't handle it well.

We are all working on reclaiming our home after the crazy months of both parents being in college.  It is a huge task (emptying out each room and cleaning it from top to bottom).  We hope to finish the downstairs in time for a Memorial Day cookout.  Then, we hope to finish the upstairs a couple days after Memorial Day.